A queer magazine for Butch Dykes, Butch Lesbians, Butch Women, Trans Butches, Non-Binary Butches & all those who love them.



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In the age of rapidly disposable content, the internet is too fickle to for the stories of these beautiful butches whom each share some of their most vulnerable, authentic and intimate, thoughts, feelings and experiences with us. The reason we choose to make these stories available via print, instead of online, is to avoid opening these queer folks up to a tirade of online abuse, we feel that whilst print is ridiculously expensive, it is worth it to make this media, and these stories and experiences accessible to the queer community, and to document the butch experience throughout time, which so rarely receives any queer media coverage. We hope that our magazines serve as a historical resource for butches for decades to come.

We are a not-for-profit project. To date, all of our revenue has gone directly into the printing costs for the magazines, paying queer photographers for their art & performers for their work at our events. In the event that any excess revenue is generated, this goes directly back into supporting the magazine, and all the queers who contribute.

By 2020, we'd like to be able to increase the pay to our photographers & performers, and also be pay all contributors for their written submissions.

Every little bit counts, and whilst we're working on building a subscription-based platform where folks can contribute regularly and receive extra goodies in return, we're opening up an option for one-off donations to help us bridge the gap between now and then.

Thank you for valuing socially conscious queer media in these ever increasingly tough times.

- The BINADW Team