A queer magazine for Butch Dykes, Butch Lesbians, Butch Women, Trans Butches, Non-Binary Butches & all those who love them.


How often do you get to see Butch Dykes, Butch Lesbians, Butch Women, Trans Butches, or Non-Binary Butches representation?

And when you do, how much do you really get to see?

We want to bring you more 

Butch is not a Dirty Word is the only magazine where we can see each other for who we really are and what we care about, in a space where it actually feels good to be seen. 

Have you ever wished you could find out how other butches live—from how they move through the world to how they take care of the things that matter most?

The representation you want

We’re sharing stories from the areas of life where we’re hungry for representation. Each issue of Butch is not a Dirty Word focuses on a theme that captures the personal parts of butch life, from love & sex, family, work, intergenerational stories and beyond. 

We’re publishing an intimate record of the lives and experiences of butches of different ages, racial backgrounds, and social status, to build an inclusive legacy of butch history that will last.

So far, we’ve photographed and shared the stories of over 100 butches from over 12 countries all over the world.

We’re revolutionizing the way people view & value masculinity in women & non binary folks—and we want you to be part of it. 

And we’re more than a magazine 

Along with every issue that’s released, we have a launch party. 

Our launch parties are fun, unique events for queer folks to feel welcome, connect with each other, and celebrate the butches in their community as their stories are shared live. 

(Topping) the bottom line 

We don’t have any advertisers (at all). We don’t have any sponsors. We don’t promote any products.

That means the stories we bring you are never trying to sell you anything. 

...That also means that we just break even.

Our goal is to work with and pay even more queer artists and extend our reach further to butches worldwide, particularly in the places where pride & visibility are needed the most. 

As an independent, self-funded & published project, we’re so excited to have you join us as we connect with butches around the world! 


The worlds only print magazine dedicated to butch identity, visibility, and voice.